Better Life Technologies Group, Inc.

The Glucose Diagnostic Sensor is a noninvasive device that continuously monitors blood sugar levels. This transformative technology is patent-pending. Please check back soon. More information will be available after the patent is granted.

What does the GDS do?

The swimmer wears the device on the arm as directed. When the swimmer enters the water, a signal is already being transmitted that the swimmer is not in distress. If the swimmer begins to exhibit symptoms of drowning, the SwimHawk will transmit a signal to a compatible device with the proprietary software. The individual in possession of said device, a lifeguard, parent, caretaker, etc., will be alerted the swimmer is in distress and is exhibiting symptoms of drowning. The device will show the distressed swimmer’s location and vital signs. This allows the rescuer to aid the distressed swimmer more quickly and efficiently, saving valuable response time. Additionally, if the swimmer would like rescue, but is not yet exhibiting symptoms of drowning, the swimmer can activate the alert manually.

How Does SwimHawk Work?